Evening Update 8/27/13

In The News

The Syrian government used chemical weapons, so sometime this week we will be hitting them with cruise missiles. Learn More

The nuclear plant that blew up after the tsunami a couple years ago is leaking radioactive water everywhere. Learn More

Miley Cyrus is an idiot and she has no ass at all. She acted like a ho at the Video Music Awards and for some reason a lot of people are acting shocked and surprised. Learn More

Hackers supporting the current regime in Syria hacked the NY Times and Twitter yesterday. Upon hearing the story, old people asked what twitter was and young people asked what the New York Times was. Learn More

Fun Links

Need some cash? Check out this link and you could earn $500

Rude baboon photobomb

A slingshot that shoots chainsaws

Our favorite youtube series – The Retarded Policeman

This badass kid with Down Syndrome could definitely beat the hell out of these sad black belts

The two worst martial arts techniques ever

Fascinating infographics comparing porn searches state by state

Even the car is curvy. Yes there is a car, you’ll see it eventually.


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